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Financial Forecasting
Business Plans - We provide financial projections as well as narrative reports for organizations seeking equity or debt funding. These could be either new organizations or those in the expansion stage. Projections are prepared for 3 to 5 years depending on the customer’s requirement and availability of data. Financial projections would typically include:
  • Annual & Monthly Balance Sheet
  • Annual & Monthly Profit and Loss
  • Annual & Monthly Cash Flow Statement
  • Sales and Sundry Debtors
  • Asset and Depreciation
  • Expenses and Sundry Creditors
  • Loan / Working Capital calculations where applicable

Product Costing - This is an exercise carried out for companies who have created a prototype and are ready to launch pilot product in the market. The purpose of product costing is to strategically arrive at the price of the product.

Designing Chart of Accounts - Very often organizations start business giving little or no significance to accounts and tracking of expenses. When an organization’s vision and objective are clear, one can design the Chart of Accounts for tracking of costs. This will then be used as a basis to create the ledgers in the ERP installed by the organization.

Financial Analysis for Asset Reconstruction - This is carried out on behalf of the investor. It involves companies that are on the verge of becoming sick or are in a debt trap. Essentially such companies have huge cash flow problems. The study involves an in-depth analysis of the financials and understanding the underlying reasons behind the company falling into such a trap. Depending on the study, the investor decides whether to fund it or not.

Accounting Manual - This is a detailed document which is prepared to follow all basic Accounting Principles when maintaining book of accounts.

Purchase Manual - A manual to document the processes of purchase function.